Taborvilla Little League - SPRING REGISTRATION OPENS DECEMBER 10th!!!

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Mar, 2021

Spring 2021 Registration is OPEN!

2021 Spring Taborvilla LL Softball

Spring 2021 - Assessments will not be held this year due to coronavirus.
Registration will be free for all players this year. We understand that this has been an unprecedented time in all of our lives, and many families are struggling. We understand that now is the time that our kids need baseball and softball now more than ever.
We ask that all families submit an application to TMOBILE Call Up Grant Program. We have been told by Little League International that additional funds are available for our league but can only be dispersed when families fill out the request. We ask that you please submit this quick and easy application – All funds are used expressly for equipment, sanitary and hygiene updates required for CoVid precautions, player uniforms, hats, helmets, field repair and coaching equipment for player training. Regardless if you think you may qualify, please complete the application, our league depends on this support.
Teams will be formed once – 1) Head Coach, 2) Assistant Coach & 3) Manager - roles have been volunteered for. We cannot form teams without coaches. Player’s parents, family members, trusted family friend, neighbor or other community member (that completes LLI background check – as all league volunteers are required) volunteer. Little League is only possible with every parent giving something.
There is still a cost for registration and player’s families can pay what they can, or choose to volunteer to help the league, but everyone must do something. For too long, a few parents have done all the work, and we cannot sustain this model. This is a critical call for parents to step up, and to bring Taborvilla the community support that it has provided our community since 1952. It's up to you.
Taborvilla LL invites all players, regardless of skill to register to play and our coaches and managers will determine the best place for your player to succeed! If you are unsure as to what division, you should register your player – please refer to Little League International Player Divisions.
Our program lasts from March 2021 (practices begin once coaching positions are filled and team is notified of team assignment) and opening ceremonies and game play will begin May 5, 2021. 
Tee Ball - Expect two (2) - 1 hour practices a week and once the season is open, two games a week and possibly a practice. This is dependent on the Coach, Manager, Team Parents and weather. We strive for 3 solid hours a week, be that a combination of practice and games. The times/dates are decided on by the coach and team. Please share in comments if Tues/Thur or Mon/Weds works best for your player.
Practice Days are set after the first meeting with the coach, and the field availability. We understand that players may also be playing soccer, please note that in the comments if that is the case, and if you know the practice days we will try to accommodate to place your player on a team that practices the opposite days. If you have coaching requests, player buddies, or other situations, you can share in the comments, and if there is a special issue, please send this information to [email protected] and share player first and last name, parent first and last name and contact information.
Farm, Minors, Majors, and Intermediate - 2-3 practices a week preseason and once season starts (2) games a week and a practice - depending on the coach and team decision.
We provide Player Hat and Player Jersey - YOU MUST complete the sizing information. If you do not provide the current sizing information, your player may not receive the correct size. Our default is to order a youth large and cannot be returned. Please make sure to enter the player sizes correctly.
For Farm and above - Players are required to supply baseball pants (Coach will tell you which color/style) and plastic cleats. No metal Cleats.
Players are welcome to purchase their own bat (must be USA Certified - look for certification on the bat- uncertified bats are not allowed for league game play) and personal helmet. 
Players that need a helmet can receive a used, good condition, cleaned and packaged for your player for free. These are helmets used in previous years that have been sanitized, and bagged for issue to players for free and keep. Players will no longer be able to share helmets, for any reason. Please indicate if you would like a helmet and indicate the size. We will do our best to accommodate all size requests. Helmets will be issued by the coach at the first team meeting.
Updated Official Rule as of Feb. 14, 2019 - The new USA Baseball bat standard (USABat), was developed by a USA Baseball committee of scientific experts. Either USABat Standard bats or BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions.
All male players are REQUIRED to wear cup protection at all practices and games. There are no exceptions. 
Coaching Incentives and Requirements -
-      Head Coach receives Taborvilla Hoodie and Team Shirt/Hat.
-       Assistant Coach, Manager – received Team Shirt/Hat Combo
-      Team Parent, Fundraising Booster Support, Snack Shack, Fields, and Grounds Volunteers – Receives Hat or T-Shirt
-       Umpire – Taborvilla Hat/Shirt Combo.
-For Umpire- Must attend training session for Umpire (lunch provided-free for volunteer) and successfully umpire (3) games.
Questions - contact our UIC- Joe Ferguson -Main Line extension 07.
-Head Coach- Must attend Positive Coaching Alliance Training, Umpire Training, First Aid Session, Online CDC Concussion Certification, and successful background check completion.
-Assistant Coach- Must attend Positive Coaching Alliance Training, (optional but desired-Umpire Training), First Aid Session, Online CDC Concussion Certification, and successful background check completion.
-Team Parent- Must coordinate team snack schedule, end of season raffle basket, assist coach /manager with contacting parents etc.
Team Manager- Support Head Coach and manage dugout/ rescheduling games, other support activities. Must attend Positive Coaching Alliance Training, (desired but optional - Umpire Training), First Aid Session, Online CDC Concussion Certification, and successful background check completion.
-Snack Shack Volunteer, Fields and Grounds Volunteer, Fundraising/Booster Support- Must participate in (3) activities- game shift in shack, mowing or weeding, painting, or cleaning, calling sponsors or other support activities- Must pass background check.

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