Taborvilla Little League - Let's Play Ball!!!


Taborvilla Little League
2021 - 2022
Executive Board Members


Little League President - Erik Wentela

Little League Vice President - Topher Walke

Little League Umpire In Chief - Joseph W. Ferguson

Little League Treasurer - Dean Taylor

Little League Player Agent - Heather Washburn

Little League Safety Officer - Topher Walke 

Little League Fields & Grounds Director - Colin Moore

Board Member at Large - Jim McLean 


Our History:

Taborvilla Little League was formed from a merger of Montavilla and Mt. Tabor Little Leagues in 2012. Both leagues have been active since the 1950's and contribute a rich history to make Taborvilla one of the oldest running little leagues in America. Established in 1952, our all volunteer, community supported league has continued to provide a safe, wholesome and important part of the lives of children in our community.

At Taborvilla, we strive to uphold the mission of Little League - Character, Loyalty and Sportsmanship. We invite parents to join us in building these attributes in their children, to participate and grow and to join our organization. We are not just an organization, we are a family. All are welcome and our belief is that any child that wants to play should play - no barrier shall exist in that aim.

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives" - Jackie Robinson

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